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A place, its identity,
those who live it and guard its essence.

Valle del Belìce, Salaparuta

“Being “Family” who want to educate their children to share.
“love and passion for what we do”.


We cultivate grape varieties whose longtime knowledge and traditions bring us to an inseparable link to our lives. Vineyards that give us unique expression in the wines we produce.


At altitudes of almost 400 meters above the sea level, vines grow luxuriant, thanks to the typical Mediterranean climate. Along the slopes crossing the hills, sandy and chalky soils coexist.

37 hectares of vineyards, located between Alcamo and Salaparuta, in which the Possente’s wines are born and that are expression of a longtime winemaking vocation that belongs to these places.


Working the land, following its nature,
its cycles and its life.


We grow vines whose centuries-old knowledge and tradition lead us to an inseparable bond in our lives. Vines that give us unique expressions in the wines we produce.

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