We are committed to respecting
a Millenary Tradition.

Every year the olive harvest begins in the first days of October and ends in November.

Harvesting is is one of the most important moment tin obtaining a fruity and elegant oil.

Knowing how to identify the right moment is the result of experience and passion for what we do.

The long-awaited moment in which to taste the result of an entire year of work.

It was October 24, 1999 when our oil mill in Alcamo was inaugurated.

These photos remember the beginning of an activity that made us grow in the name of passion for one of the foods that is the basis of our culture: extra virgin olive oil.

Extraction is done strictly cold within a few hours of harvesting , and every step, from pressing to packaging, are followed with the utmost care so that we can preserve all the organoleptic and chemical-physical aspects that in a high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil translate into Health and beneficial effects on our bodies. A healthy food that delights the palate..

Tasting and pairing with food becomes a UNIQUE sensory experience that feeds our passion.

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