The essence of a place can tell you about it
only those who live it every day

Antonio, Maria and Stefania

The essence of a place can only be told by those who live it every day

Antonio, Maria and Stefania.

We share the experience passed on to us by our father and we live the work in the vineyard, in the cellar and in oil production as asource of pride and culture gained from experience and to be passed on.

The authentic taste of tradition.

We have always tried to elevate a simple principle to the utmost: work the land naturally and get the best quality possible because soil texture, climatic exposure, and mineral richness are just the gifts the land gives.

From the harvest to the winery, from marketing to distribution, every moment is noteworthy, every step is followed with the utmost attention.

We respectfully and determinedly indulge
the natural wine vocation of the Territory

We believe that a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil should not only be a food but a sensory experience that makes one travel to discover the Earth from which it comes.