territory and passion


This territory is home for our family.

37 hectares of vineyards, located between Alcamo and Salaparuta, small portions of quality, with varied morphology and particular microclimate.

These are the territories in which Possente-s wines are born, becoming the expression of the vinicultural vocation which has always belonged to these places.

Nature knows what to do.
We trust
and indulge it.


It is a portion of the world, in the Belice Valley, where wind constantly caresses the hills made of clay and tuff, colours ranging from yellow todeep orange and then again to dark brown where silt is evident on the surface.

A magical place where our family feels home. A corner of paradise made of biodiversity, fragrances, colours and sounds that sound like the melodies of a fairy tale.


Alcamo stands on the slopes of Monte Bonifato, its history is linked to Ciullo d’Alcamo, culture and a very lond tradition in viticulture.

Alcamo DOC is one of the first DOCs to be recognized in Sicily -1972- and was born from its Prince Vine “Catarratto”.

To have been born and lived in Alcamo means share the stories of the harvests spent in joyful in family together with our grandparents, uncles, cousins.

A human heritage of lived lives and experiences.